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New citizens - welcome to Thyregod

We hope, you will find yourselves comfortable in Thyregod and will be happy to live here. We have a rich association life. It is our hope, that you will enjoy participating in the activities and events in our village.

Besides the weekly activities, we have a number of major arrangements:

  • Flea Market in the sports center organized by the sports club Frem Thyregod.
  • Midsummer Eve bonfire on Kirkehøjvej.
  • Thyregod days (always in the week before the third weekend in August).
  • Thyregod Revue (always the first Saturday in October).
  • Christmas market organized by the scouts (always on the last Saturday in November).

The town houses larger companies in addition to grocery store, electrician and electronics retailer, thrift shop, hair dresser, kebab house, school, kindergarten, care center, church – and we could go on – besides the most gorgeous nature surrounding the town.

We have public transportation by bus og train to and from Vejle and Herning as well as the smaller towns Give, Jelling and Brande on the way.

Activities are numerous in the sports center, the gym, the swimming center, the youth club, the outdoor pitches and the various meeting rooms – as well as in the church, the church house and “The old Bakery” where people are gathering. Furthermore our almost 200 years old local inn will reopen shortly.

Look into these websites and find a lot of useful local information:
www.thyregodvester.dk and www.tvlokalraad.dk

And facebook sites:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/497570500311918 and  www.facebook.com/thyregodvester.lokalraad

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35 nationalities in Thyregod-Vester

35 different nationalities live in Thyregod-Vester. Approximately 13 % of the inhabitants are non-danish.

That is what statistics from Vejle Municipality tells. Mostly it is polish people, but the same number of inhabitants from other eastern European countries.

In comparison citizens from almost 100 different countries live in Billund Municipality.

Number of inhabitants in Thyregod-Vester 2021 coming from different countries:

From Denmark                                         2098
From Poland                                             128
From Romania                                          43
From Ukraine                                           33
From Latvia                                              17
From Lithuania                                         17
From Holland                                           14
From 28 different countries                       64